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In cases of Intestacy the person appointed to deal with the affairs of the estate is the Administrator. Click on the ‘Administration’ link above for more information relating to this subject.

If someone dies without leaving a valid Will it is referred to as dying intestate. The deceased persons estate / assets should be divided between their ‘next-of-kin’ if found. The law governing intestacy lays down strict rules in relation to who can benefit and receive a portion of the estate. Click on ‘Entitled Beneficiaries’ to identify who is entitled according to the laws of England and Wales.

The intestacy laws identify a strict priority ruling on how the estate should be distributed in the event of living relatives being found. The value of the estate can also be a factor but for simplicity the ‘Estate Distribution’ link above will provide a guide to the priority and extent of relatives who may claim.

When someone dies intestate and there are no known relatives Probate Research companies like ourselves carry out research to try and locate beneficiaries. From the point of death and tracing relatives can take some time. However, once they have been traced there are various activities carried out including appointing an administrator and concluding the legal procedures necessary to be in a position to distribute the estate to all beneficiaries. Each case is different and complex cases can take longer than the simple straight forward ones. A time line chart shows the length of time the ‘average’ case can take. Click on the ‘Time Line’ link to view.
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